Have lots of hauntingly good fun this Halloween with help from Duck Tape®.


Duck Tape® is available in a thrilling assortment of colours and designs, including Halloween-specific prints, so the possibilities to incorporate Duck Tape® into your Halloween festivities are endless! For some, trick-or-treating is the best part. For others, it’s getting costumed from head to toe or decking out your homes in everything from pumpkins to life-sized skeletons and more. Here are some homemade Halloween ideas to get you started:


Decorations and More

Add a bit of spooky sophistication to Halloween parties and decorations – try dressing up centerpieces and placemats with Duck Tape® or add a ghoulish twist to party décor, favours and more!



Cutting and sculpting pumpkins into decorative jack-o-lanterns can be great fun. But less messy than carving, use Duck Tape® to create indoor and outdoor pumpkin displays, adding colour and personality to your creations. Plus, it’s something the whole family can get involved in!


Duck or Treat

Duck Tape® is a handy tool for quick costume repairs and resizes, as well as full costume creations and accessories. You can even fashion unique trick-or-treat bags that are both waterproof and durable!


Visit our “Ducktivities” section for loads more creative ideas, techniques and tips to help you make an assortment of Duck Tape® crafts that are decorative, functional and cool! Follow our easy step by step instructions or use your own imagination to create your own unique designs – and don’t forget to load and share pictures of your creations under the “Your Duck” section of our website.