Duck Tape – Repair. Create. Fix

5th July 2013
Duck Tape repair create fix

As well as using Duck Tape®to be as creative as you like, don’t forget what a friend it can be in many practical situations; Duck Tape® is often a forgotten item that should be included on packing lists for all outdoor and sports activities, whether it’s running a marathon, hiking, camping, playing golf or taking a much-needed holiday.

Duck Tape® is also perfect for quick fixes and clever remedies around the home and garden.

Duck Tape® Tip 1
Reinforce worn luggage or mark bags for easy identification.


Duck Tape® Tip 2

Repair holes in clothes, tents, sports bags, sleeping bags or other pieces of sporting equipment.

Duck Tape RepairDuck Tape repair equiptment

Duck Tape® Tip 3
Label sports equipment with Duck Tape® for easy equipment identification.

Duck Tape® Tip 4
Make a temporary clothesline in a hotel room or at a camping site.

Duck Tape® Tip 5
Tape the tops of shampoo bottles or coolers to prevent spills.

Duck Tape® Tip 6
Fix cracked toys, balls and lunchboxes.

Duck Tape® Tip 7
Repair a leaking hosepipe.

Duck Tape hosepipe

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