Crafting For Valentine’s Day with Duck Tape

8th January 2016

With Valentine’s Day upon us, there’s no better time to remind you of these Valentine’s Day crafting ideas with our Duck Tape.

Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts That Celebrate

There are a number of Valentine’s Crafts Using Duck Tape that can be fully assembled in as little as twenty-five minutes. They are fun and can be created by people of all ages and skill levels.

Our Coloured Duck Tape, Patterned Duck Tape and Glitter Duck Tape are naturally festive supplies that lend themselves to romantic crafts with colours and designs that will excite you. The Duck Tape Heart Décor is a perfect craft for all skill levels. It’s as easy as seven steps and can be finished in approximately 30 minutes. The heart shapes will display well from any part of your home; the design is minimalist and eye-catching without being overpowering.

Our Duck Tape Roses


Children and adults alike love our Duct Tape Rose! It takes 25 minutes and can be completed by individuals of all skill levels. The petals are sweet, colourful, and will not wilt! In seven steps you can surprise someone you love with a rose. A bouquet will take a bit longer, but is entirely worth the effort. Utilise a variety of colours and designs to personalize your floral arrangement.

Duck Tape Heart Toppers: Another Valentine’s Day Favourite

Looking for a spin-off of the traditional hearts and flowers? The Duck Tape Heart Toppers take just 25 minutes and can be completed in 9 simple steps.  It’s one of our most popular projects, and can be created by crafters of any skill level.

We hope these Valentine’s Day craft ideas have helped to inspire you this season to keep busy and get romantic.  Early January is a great time to experiment, so why not get started today?

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