Duck Tape Rose: A Crafting Classic

3rd February 2016

Duck Tape rose in teal and leopard print pattern

Valentine’s Day is nearly here. We feel that it’s the perfect time to discuss all the ways in which to craft with a Duck Tape Rose. There are dozens of ways in which to create them. Our favourites include the Duck Tape New Style Rose and The Duck Tape Rounded Petal Rose. Still, we shouldn’t veer too far away from the classic Duck Tape Rose that has won so many hearts for it’s simple, elegant design.

Benefits of the Duck Tape Rose

The Duck Tape Rose has a number of benefits including durability and longevity. These tape roses last for years and will not fade or wilt. They are also low maintenance flowers that won’t require water or sunlight. Anyone who makes these roses will get points for creativity. Last but not least, they are absolutely beautiful.

How to Make a Duck Tape Rose

Creating a Duck Tape Rose is not difficult; it’s actually a project fit for beginners and it only takes about 25 minutes to create one. There are a number of Duck Tape Rose projects on our website that can help you with your next floral arrangement. These include the flowers themselves and projects that you can incorporate them into.

Examples of Tape Rose Crafts

Rose Tape crafts are particularly popular right now and there are no end to the ideas that are circulating for tape rose crafts. There are duck tape rose pens, duck tape Easter bunny roses, rose tape flip flops, hair clips, necklaces, and earrings. There are even duck tape rose bridal bouquets and tutorials on how to construct table rosettes for dinner parties and formal gatherings.

One thing is for certain, crafting a tape rose is a project that’s easy to love.

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