What We Love About Patterned Tape

9th February 2016
patterned tape

Benefits of Patterned Tape

There are so many benefits of using patterned tape for your next Duck Tape Colours project. First, there are a range of colours, prints, and features available when you use Patterned Duck Tape. We have a range of style options, from the delicate Chantilly Lace Duck Tape to the more hard core Metalika Duct Tape to choose from.  For an edgier look, you might want to take a look at the  Disco Skulls Tape. Wrapping a children’s present? Try the Winking Owls Duck Tape. Natural Hessian Duck Tape is another winner, with a simple yet sophisticated pattern that goes really well with the Chantilly Lace Duck Tape.

There are tapes for Paris enthusiasts, caravan travelers and star gazers. Are you fond of gnomes? At Duck Tape Colours, our patterned tape accommodates people of all different tastes and personalities.

Endless Uses of Patterned Tape

The brilliant thing about Patterned Duck Tape is that there are no rules as to when and where to use it.  Our Ducktivities page is filled with ideas and instructions that will give you a start if you are looking for craft ideas. In any situation that you would want to use Duck Tape, our Patterned Duck Tape is ready and waiting. Even for those tasks and projects that are purely functional, you can inject a little fun with splashy patterns, designs and prints.

Our Favourite Patterned Tape Projects

duck taped car bumper

We have favourite uses for patterned tape that we’re always willing to share with you. A loyal customer sent in the photo above showing how she dealt with some minor damage to her car in a very lighthearted, flowery way. It is one of our favourite uses to date as it’s fashionable and functional. The Duck Tape Straw Frame is another patterned tape project we love. Our Duck TapeRose Headband has been mentioned before on our website as a favourite, because it’s a gorgeous patterned tape project that we want everyone to enjoy.

Whatever your own patterened tape preferences, try our Duck Patterned Tape and see how easy to use, durable and good looking it is for yourself!

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