Duck Tape Clothes

17th February 2016
duck tape prom dress, white and gold colour
duck tape prom dress, white and gold colour

Tape clothes are made almost entirely (or entirely)  using Duck Tape, and crafters love the finished results. What’s more, it is a walking statement of your innovation and creativity that you can wear proudly among friends, loved ones, and even strangers.

History of Tape Clothes

Tape clothes are not a new phenomenon. In fact they were used to repair, reinforce and decorate clothing as early as 1920. At this time they were sewn into shoes or boots for reinforcement on either the upper sole, or the insole.

These days tape clothing is more about fashion than function, and it has become more popular than ever. The marketing director of ShurTech Brands, Scott Sommers is quoted, in a 2012 New York Times article, as saying, “Every year the dresses get more detailed and intricate, and the craftsmanship is unbelievable. …Duct tape is the new medium of self-expression.”

Why We Love Making Tape Clothes

duck tape high heels

Featured in Daily Mail Online, photo taken at the first store in the world to only sell duct tape.

We love tape clothing because it is durable, flexible and molds to any shape easily. Plus, it’s fun! Tape clothing has consistently made an impression whether you are attending a dinner party or prom.

Types of Tape Clothes You Can Make

There are so many options when it comes to tape clothes. You can make shorts, bikinis, halter tops and corsets. You can use cardboard or fabric to mold your designs, or you can just use tape.

Other design ideas for Duck Tape clothes include:

  • duck tape ties
  • duck tape slippers
  • duck tape vests
  • duck tape
  • duck tape braces
  • duck tape bow ties
  • duck tape flip flops

Tape clothes have a reputation in fashion as fun and trendy. Children, teenagers and adults enjoy crafting tape clothing. There are a number of coulours, patterns, styles, textures and sizes of tape to help you with your next creation. For more information on any of our Duck Tape, contact Duck Tape Colours here today.

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