5 Duck Tape Patterned Tape Ideas You’ll Love

24th February 2016
patterned frames

One look at our Ducktivities section will tell you that there is no end to the projects you can create with our patterned tape. Still, we’ve been looking around at the work of crafters and we’ve found additional exciting ideas for our Patterned Duck Tape that we just had to share with you. Read on to learn more about our new finds that work perfectly with patterned tape.

1. Patterned Tape Beads

patterned Duck tape beads

Image: Crafty Soccer Mom

These patterned tape beads are made using our Ink Splat Patterned Duck Tape. The design that you end up with is one of those happy surprises you might not anticipate. Use patterned tape beads to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ornaments, gift wrapping accessories, or any number of other craft projects you can think of. The possibilities are endless!

2. Patterned Tape Superhero Masks

patterned tape superhero mask

What superhero doesn’t need a durable, water resistant mask when fighting crime? This patterned tape mask can be created using our Zebra Crossing Animal Print Duck Tape, or any patterned or printed Duck Tape that your hero would enjoy.

3. Patterned Tape Floral Arrangements

patterned tape flower arrangements

image: busycreatingmemories.com

You don’t need a romantic holiday to create these perfect flowers, and you certainly don’t need to stick with solid colours. Choose from any of our patterned tape designs and experiment with floral arrangements that have as much character and personality as you do.

4. Patterned Tape Gift Wrapping Bows

patterned tape wrapping bows

image: Green-Eyed Monster

It’s what’s inside that counts but that’s no reason to avoid some creative gift wrapping! Use any of our patterned tapes to create unique gift wrapping bows that will secure your wrapping paper and delight your gift recipients. Mailing a package? Why not reinforce it with a patterned tape that is friendly and innovative? It will keep the contents safely packaged until arrival.

5. Patterned Tape Water Bottle Decorations

patterned tape water bottle decorations

image: Heidi’s Recipes

We thought this would be a great idea for our next party. Patterned tape water bottles can coordinate with any party theme. They also provide a little grip as well as a little fun.

These were just a few of our patterned tape ideas that we thought you would appreciate. Let us know about your favourite crafting pursuits on Your Duck. We’d love to see and even post your creations!

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