5 Great Back to School Crafts with Duck Tape

1st September 2016
back to school

The best part of going back to school is definitely the stationery shop – everything just feels fresh and new, ready for a brand new year.

If you prefer something a bit more individual, you can customise your stationery with Duck Tape. Make your laptop, phone, and exercise books match, or give them each their own unique style.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use Duck Tape to get you ready for the new school year.

Cover Your Laptop

Stop your laptop from getting scratched and give it a fresh new look with Duck Tape. Just choose your favourite colour or pattern, and find a ruler, pencil, and scalpel or scissors to get started. All you need to do is find the centre of your laptop when it’s closed and draw a line straight across it, making sure it’s level. Measure the position of the line at both edges of your laptop just to make sure it’s straight. This provides the guide for your tape. Put down the first line of tape so that the edge runs along your line and let the tape go over the edges of your laptop so that it wraps the top half (stopping 1cm from your screen). Cut the tape, and start another line, making sure it matches up with edge of your previous tape line. Repeat until the top of your laptop is covered.

If you want to tape the bottom half of your laptop, make sure that all ports and vents are uncovered so you don’t affect the performance of your laptop.

You can even cover your phone so it matches.

Wrap Your Pens

If you want to make sure your pens don’t get mixed up with your friends’, or just like them to look their best, you can choose your favourite tape design and wrap some tape around the top of each pen. Now they’re all co-ordinated!

Make a Wall Calendar

Want to stay organised this year? A wall calendar in your bedroom helps you keep track of your homework, extra-curriculars, and plans with friends. All you need is a whiteboard, some whiteboard pens, and your favourite Duck Tape.

Decide whether you want to make a weekly or a monthly calendar – if you want a monthly calendar, you’ll need to use a bigger whiteboard so that you have enough room.

Start by covering the edges of your whiteboard with tape to get rid of the ugly edging. Once that’s done, decide how big your sections need to be based on your calendar type – if you’re making a weekly calendar, it’s a good idea to keep a section spare for notes and reminders. That way you only need to separate it into 8 squares, which is easier to do.

Mark out your squares with a whiteboard pen. Once you’re happy they’re even, go over the lines you’ve marked with tape, and then go over the edges again to keep everything in place a little longer. You can use tape or a whiteboard pen to put letters or numbers in each square to let you know the date or day of the week.

Now just hang up your new calendar and update it whenever you make new plans.

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