Wedding Tape Crafts

9th September 2016
wedding favours

Weddings can be expensive – especially when you start adding up all of the little things like invitations, thank you letters, favours, favour boxes… Luckily, you can save some money if you’re a little crafty.

Duck Tape comes in a huge variety of beautiful colours and patterns, including silver glitter, soft Chantilly lace, and black ornament washi Duck Tape. You can find the perfect tape for your theme and colour scheme.

Duck Tape Favour Sleeves/Boxes

Everyone thinks about the favours, but forgets the expense of favour boxes. Using duck tape can make simple, card boxes match your theme. You can even bulk buy cheaper boxes and use tape to cover the card completely!

Duck Tape Thank You Notes

If you want to thank everyone for attending and for their generosity, you can use Duck Tape to add a personal touch. All you need is some card, Duck Tape, glue, and writing paper. You can cover the card with Duck Tape (taking care to make sure it all lines up), and glue a smaller piece of writing paper on top. Make sure that the writing paper is centred, and write your thank you message!

If you’d like to add another touch, use a square of your chosen Duck Tape to seal the envelope.

Tape Place Cards

Have fun with your place cards! You can add tape tags to wine glasses and write people’s names on them, fold tape in half and cut shapes out, or even cocktail sticks to make little flags bearing each guest’s name. All you need is Duck Tape, a sharpie, scissors, and an imagination!

As you can see, these details don’t need to cost the earth and you can have a lot of fun making them. You can even make a party of it – just invite the bridal party or groomsmen, get a few drinks, and start taping!

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