Make Doll’s Furniture and Accessories with Duck Tape

22nd September 2016
doll furniture

Is there anything more charming to a child than a lovely doll? Even in today’s technology driven world, children are attracted to things made in miniature. Tiny versions of everyday items or people which they recognise from their own lives, usually mesmerise and thrill kids of all ages…and many adults too!

Duck Tape makes the perfect craft staple from which to create a myriad of beautiful little accessories and furniture items for your child’s dolls

Begin by deciding what you’d like to make. If you’re involving your child in the creative process, then it is a good idea to keep things simple; ask the child what they’d most like to make.

Make a doll’s bed

A bed can be made in any size you like; create a perfect fit for your child’s favourite bunny, dolly or soldier…doesn’t matter what the toy is as long as it’s one which your child wants to tuck up at night!

Use stiff cardboard; the kind which comes from packing boxes is ideal as it’s extra-strong and won’t bow or bend when it’s in use.

Measure your doll and draw a rectangle which is 4cm wider than its widest part and 4cm longer than its height. Cut out the rectangle with a craft knife; this is your base.

Next, cut out a headboard and a footboard; the headboard should be taller than the foot board. If you’re good with a craft knife you can cut out a fancier shape such as a heart or flower.

Decide how tall the bed needs to be and cut a slot in both headboard and foot board. The slot should be a fine slit to allow you to insert the base into it firmly. That’s all it takes!

Now you have your bed you can choose from the fantastic patterned Duck Tape range and cover the cardboard up! Make a blanket or quilt from scraps of fabric.

Doll’s accessories

Doll’s accessories such as shoes, bags and even hats and dresses can all be made using Duck Tape to decorate and enhance the basic forms.

Doll’s bags are simple affairs and because Duck Tape is so sturdy, you can use cardboard to construct a basic purse shape and the Duck Tape will reinforce it enough for it to stand up to daily play.

Hats, hairbands, doll’s jewellery and shoes are jazzed up and given a new lease of life when covered with pretty Duck Tape. Why not give the doll’s entire wardrobe a new lease of life?

You can even make your child’s doll its own mirror with the aid of a plastic mirror or tin foil and some Duck Tape.

Allow your child to help you and before you know it, you will have created a whole fashion collection for their dolls.

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