Duck Tape Leaves and Feathers

30th September 2016
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We all need some extra leaves and feathers in our lives don’t we? Whether you use them for gift decoration, hair accessories or just as a lovely little accent in a room, these Duck Tape leaves and feathers will not only amaze you because of their simple construction but also because of how beautiful they are.

All you need to create these lovely accessories is Duck Tape in your chosen colour or pattern and some bendy wire in addition to a sharp craft knife or scissors.

Decide how long you’d like your feather or leaf to be and cut a section of Duck Tape which is twice that length.

Next, place your wire (which should be cut to a little less than your desired leaf or feather length) in the centre of the Duck Tape section.

Fold over the Duck Tape, encapsulating the wire within; cut off the excess from one end, leaving the sealed end intact.

The wire should be in the centre of the strip of Duck Tape.

Now you can begin trimming the piece of Duck Tape into either a feather or leaf shape. It might help if you draw your desired shape onto the Duck Tape with a pen or marker.

Look at leaves and feathers in nature for inspiration and imitate some of the lovely silhouettes found in your locality.

If you’re making a feather, now is the time to add the feathered edges. Do this with your sharp scissors or craft knife, cutting careful snips which are close together and which reach almost to the wire.

You can use your feathers and leaves in all kinds of ways as previously mentioned; they will make great earrings, hat décor, gift wrapping details, hair clips or hair bands.

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