Duck Tape Canvas Art for Children

23rd November 2016
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Choosing art for your children’s walls can be tricky…especially if you can’t find the exact design or colours you’re after. Many people opt for posters of their child’s favourite cartoon characters but this is something which won’t last more than a few months at best as children’s tastes change so rapidly.

With Duck Tape you can create one-off masterpieces which will compliment your child’s room décor and provide hours of fun in the making too!

Involving your child in creating art for their room is a great way to spend quality time with them as well as give them the opportunity to learn more about art and shapes.

All you need are some blank artists canvasses which may be found cheaply in high street stores and a good selection of Duck Tape in a variety of colours and patterns.

Begin by allowing your child to sift through the Duck Tape, choosing their favourites and setting them aside. Help the child to place the colours and patterns in groups of 3 complimenting shades or patterns or just let them go wild!

To begin with, show the child how to use the tape and then cut them a length; allow the child to stick it to the canvass in any way which pleases them. Continue in this way until the canvass is covered or almost covered.

Once your child has a knack for sticking the Duck Tape down, you can show them how to create geometric patterns such as zig-zags, squares, stripes and triangular patterns.

Educational and fun, creating wall art without the use of paint is a cool idea for pre-schoolers in particular and this is one craft which won’t make a mess!

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