Flower and Duck Tape Bookmarks

2nd December 2016
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Children love making bookmarks and because they are useful as well as pretty, these Duck Tape and flower bookmarks tick all the boxes when it comes to pleasing little people!

This is a fun craft for a rainy day or for a playdate and the best part of it is that you don’t need any really special equipment for it.

You will need:

  • Duck Tape in various colours and patterns
  • Broad sticky tape
  • Flowers from the park or your garden
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or cord

To begin, help your child to find and pick as many small flowers as you can find. You can also use small leaves. It’s best to choose flowers and leaves which are no larger than an inch at most.

Cut a length of sticky tape to your desired size; a good size for a bookmark is around 8 inches long.

Lay the cut tape out on your table with the sticky side facing up. You may need to weigh the tape down with a heavy object such as a bottle or can.

Begin to lay the flowers on top of the sticky tape in a pretty design. You can really go to town and choose lots of flowers and leaves or you can keep it simple and have just one or two; both options will look pretty.

When the flowers are laid out, take another piece of tape the same length and very carefully lay it on top of the flowers. Take extra care not to create wrinkles.

Press the tape down so that the flowers are as fully encapsulated between the two pieces of tape as possible. Any air gaps will cause the flowers to break down.

Trim the bookmark and top each end off with a strip of Duck Tape folded over the edges to form a seal.

Using your hole punch, make a hole in the top of the bookmark and thread a length of ribbon or cord through it.

These make wonderful gifts for friends or for teachers and can be added to a thank-you card as an extra-special touch.

Visit ducktapecolours.co.uk today for some more inspiration!

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