Duck Tape Wedding Favours

10th December 2016
wedding favours

Weddings are exciting but expensive! From dresses and suits to catering, flowers and entertainment, organising favours for your guests can feel like one expensive chore too many!

We all want our guests to feel appreciated and special, so the giving of little gifts is an important part of the day…with a little ingenuity and some Duck Tape, you can create beautiful, useful wedding favours which will be not only fun to create but memorable and admired.

Here are just some ideas for your special day.

Seed Sachets

A gift of seeds is a lovely idea; not only are seeds useful but the theme of flowers can be personalised to each recipient. Foodies will appreciate herb seeds whilst garden lovers may enjoy some wild flower seeds.

To create a beautiful presentation sachet for packets of seeds, you only need a few items.

  • Duck Tape in a colour or pattern which tones with your wedding colours
  • Seeds
  • Embellishments if desired

Place your doily on a clean, flat surface and then place a packet of seeds in the centre of it. Position the seeds so that the top third of the pack protrudes over the edge of the doily.

Fold the bottom of the doily upwards to enfold the pack and then fold each side in towards the centre.

Secure with a strip of Duck Tape all the way around front to back.

If you’d like to fancy it up a little more, you can add a little embellishment to the front of the sachet. Beads or a pretty paper scrap look very nice as do scraps of lace or ribbon bows.

Succulents in a Duck Tape Pot

Succulents are beautiful plants and because they are available in very small sizes…no more than a couple of inches across, they make the perfect wedding favour because they’re low-cost and easy to transport.

Choose a tiny plastic pot for each plant and cover the plastic up with pretty Duck Tape. You can go wild and present a lot of differently coloured and patterned pots all together on a dedicated table…this looks amazing as a feature of your reception room, or you can decorate each pot in the same colour/pattern and present them beside the guest’s seat at the meal.

Whichever option you choose; your guests will love the personal touch these gifts bring to the day.

Treats in a Bag

A simple idea but one which looks beautiful when done with care, is to offer small treats such as cookies, lollypops or chocolates in plain brown paper bags.

This is very cost-effective and if you want to make it a little more personal, stamp each bag with your names and the date of the wedding.

Seal the bags with pretty Duck Tape and your guests will admire not only the pretty bags but also your ingenuity!

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