Duck Tape Piñata

18th December 2016
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Piñata’s aren’t particularly pricey to purchase but they only come in so many designs. If you want to create a custom piñata to wow all of your friends and relatives, then Duck Tape is what you need.

For a simple box-shaped piñata you will need:

  • A decently sized cardboard box…a large cereal box is ample
  • Duck Tape
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • Coloured crepe paper or tissue
  • Gifts for inside the piñata

This idea is for a simple, easy piñata that’s not too simple to break! You don’t want your piñata breaking on the first or second try…all the guests need a shot at bashing it open.

Take your box and cut out a hole which is around 3” by 5”; this is where you will insert your toys and sweets once all the work is done. Don’t leave a flap, using the craft knife, cut the hole completely out.

Now it’s time to add your string; this is important because the string needs to be attached strongly enough that it won’t break when the piñata is hit. Pop a small hole in the top of your box and tie a knot in the end of your string. Pull the string through the hole so that the string is on the outside of the box with the knot securing it inside.

Add some layers of Duck Tape inside and out to ensure the string will hold.

Next you can begin the fun part! Adding Duck Tape to the whole box in a variety of colours and patterns, you can create a beautiful finish to your piñata.

You could use the colours of the rainbow for your inspiration and have a simple, bright, striped box. Another idea is to add Duck Tape “ruffles” to your piñata and make it girly in pinks and purples.

If you want to, you can add a streamer of crepe paper to the end; this gives extra visual impact when the piñata is being hit!

Once the entire box has been decorated with Duck Tape (leaving the string hanging free) it’s time to fill it up!

Push in the sweets and small toys until the piñata is about a third full of treats. Now seal the hole. Seal it well because it will be a weak point in your piñata and you want it to last for a decent amount of time.

You can design more complex piñatas if you have time. Adding extra details and perhaps character faces as desired. Small children will love piñatas styled to look like trucks or buses, buildings and even animals. With the addition of simple, paper legs and a paper plate face, you can create any animal you desire!

For a great selection of Duck Tape, take a look at our products pages for coloured tape, glitter tape, and patterned tape.

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