Revamp your Furniture with Duck Tape

26th December 2016
furniture revamp

If your furniture has seen better days but you’re not in the market for new pieces, then it’s likely you’re looking for cheap and cheerful ways in which to brighten up the appearance of your rooms.

Worn or shabby furniture can really bring a room down and there’s only so much we can do with tablecloths and throws. Some furniture and fittings such as shelves and cupboards, can’t be cheered up with a throw or some cushions.

That’s where Duck Tape comes in! For very little outlay you can flood your room with fun, contemporary colour and pattern and in an easy to achieve fashion. It doesn’t take expert crafting skills or interior design knowledge to cheer up a piece of furniture which has seen better days. It’s the perfect way to upcycle old furniture, or even do minor repairs while updating the look and feel of your home.

Side tables and coffee tables

Side tables are extremely convenient – they’re the perfect spot for your coffee and snacks whilst you watch a movie and they make great surfaces for small children to use when they’re drawing or playing with figures and crafting items.

If your side table or coffee table has seen better days, here are a few ways to refresh it quickly and easily using Duck Tape.

Edge it

Edging a table with Duck Tape will cover up those nicks and bumps which most small furniture suffers from. If you’re fond of the colour or finish of your table in general and don’t want to cover up the whole thing, simply choose a Duck Tape colour or pattern which inspires you, and edge the tables’ legs and top with it.

You can run the tape up the sharp edges of the legs, pinching it as you go to ensure a smooth finish and the same with the edges of the top of the table. The beauty of this trick is that it’s incredible easy to do and you can change colours or patterns as and when you want to.

Cover it

Another option, for tables in less-than-desirable condition, is to completely cover the piece with tape. Duck Tape provides a neat, clean surface which can be used just as any other table can be.

You can use alternating colours in rainbow shades or go monochrome with blacks and whites. The same trick will work with cupboards and shelves, always using colours which match your décor.

Check out the products page over at for some colour and pattern inspiration!

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