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1st January 2017
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Making toys is sometimes even more fun than playing with them…that’s why these projects are great for sharing with your older children. They’ll really enjoy having a hand in creating the fun Duck Tape Castle and the interactive Marble Arcade.

Half the joy of these toys is that not only are they very inexpensive, they’re also tough and should stand up to even rough and tumble play as long as they are stored properly.

Ask the children who you are making the toys for to draw a picture of their ideal castle…show them pictures of various real castles, castles from picture books and help them to learn the names for the various architectural features of them.

Find out which sort of colours they would most enjoy and help them to choose their favourite colours and patterns of Duck Tape before you begin the project. They will really feel invested in the finished products if they have had a hand in making and designing them!

Duck Tape Castle

This is a great toy for children of all ages and only requires a few tools

You will need:

  • Thick cardboard from an old box
  • A craft knife
  • Duck Tape in various colours and patterns
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

To begin, cut out two oblongs from your cardboard box. You can use your own judgment when it comes to size but around 18” x 9” is a good size.

Next you will need to draw a line down the middle of each oblong. Each half indicates one wall. Cut a slot down this middle line; the slot needs to stop halfway down the line.

Now check that the two cardboard oblongs will slot together to create four “rooms”. The rooms have no roof…but that’s fine! This is a simple castle with open sides.

Now, un-slot the two oblongs and lay them out on a suitable surface for cutting upon. With your pencil draw out some rooftop detail along what will be the top edge of each piece…Crenellations and a simple tower or two look effective; cut out these details with your craft knife.

Now cut out a door shape in each wall; you can make these different…one could be arched, another could be plain.

Slot both pieces together again and make sure it’s all snug…now it’s time for the fun part!

Using Duck Tape cover up the castle’s walls in various colours. Go wild with patterns or keep things plain. Add extra strips to doors or window details…make sure there’s no cardboard edges showing through.

Now you have a beautiful and portable castle which is easy to store and can be used in a whole host of imaginative games!

Duck Tape Marble Arcade

This project works along the same ideas as the Duck Tape Castle but is much simpler to make.

You will need:

  • Thick cardboard from an old box
  • Duck Tape
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Marker pen

Start out by deciding how broad you want your marble arcade to be. At least 3ft is a good length and if you have space you can make it even bigger.

Cut out a piece of cardboard at least 3ft by 8”. Next cut out two equally sized wedge shaped piece of cardboard which are as long as your main piece is high; these are the supports for your arcade.

Fix the supports to the back of the arcade with Duck Tape so that they are at an angle which will enable the arcade to stand firmly.

Using your craft knife, cut out a selection of openings from the main body of the arcade. Arches, oblongs, triangular openings…any which takes your fancy. These “doorways” are for children to shoot marbles through from a suitable distance.

Now it’s time to cover the arcade in Duck Tape. Again, the colours and patterns are up to you.

When the arcade is completely covered you can use a marker pen to write a score above each opening. The more difficult the opening is to get a marble through, the higher the number of points.

Set your children up in front of the arcade with a distinct line which they are not allowed to cross…let them keep score!

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