Duck Tape Storage Solutions

8th January 2017
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If there’s one thing Duck Tape excels at, it’s covering up less-than-attractive details! With pretty storage baskets and containers costing an arm and a leg, it’s easy to assume you have to either dig deep or forgo attractive storage for your home but remember, Duck Tape will stick to almost anything and with that in mind and a new season on the way in, it’s time to dig out some containers to sort out your trinkets and paperwork into.

It really doesn’t matter what sort of containers you use, cardboard boxes, tins and even sturdy bags…they can all be prettied up with Duck Tape!

Because there is such a wide range of colours, prints and patterns to choose from, you can theme your containers to match any room in your home…even your bathroom can benefit because if you thoroughly cover your containers, then they will be wipe-able and waterproof!

Gather your containers

Save boxes which are clean and of a decent size; some make perfect storage for paperwork, especially if you cut down one side and create a “file” for your letters and bills. Other containers such as large tins make great pen pots and craft storage containers.

Prepare your containers

Make sure that the surface of your boxes and tins are clean and free of dust or oil and trim down and ragged or rough edges. With tins, if you find there are sharp edges, you can either give them a light sanding or simply cover up the edges with Duck Tape. Mind your fingers though! Cans and tins can be very sharp.

Get sticking

Choose your colours before you begin; if you’d like a varied container, you can use two, three or even more styles of tape on one container. A plain tape teamed with a vibrantly patterned tape looks great.

Because Duck Tape is available in so many varying designs, you’re sure to find the perfect style for your home. From classics such as Patchwork, Baroque and Chantilly lace to the more outrageous such as Tash Tastic, Ink Splat and Daisy Daisy, you’ll be able to make containers for every room in your home…from the sitting room to the teen’s bedroom!


  • If you can find boxes of the same size, make three contrasting containers to sit side by side or stacked on your shelves; this looks stylish as well as organised.
  • Smaller storage containers can be designed to fit inside drawers and cupboards to aid organising fiddly items such as cosmetics, tools, household items and even socks.
  • Stick carefully and take your time; using a craft knife may help you to achieve a really neat finish.

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