Duck Tape Garden Crafts

1st February 2017
duck tape garden

The warmer months are almost with us and that means one thing…more time in the garden! Spending more time outdoors doesn’t mean that you need to kiss goodbye to all those lovely, cosy months you’ve spent indulging in winter crafting sessions though.

Summer is the perfect time to get handy with the Duck Tape! Because Duck Tape is not only pretty but practical and hardwearing as well as waterproof…the garden is a great place to benefit from its many uses!

Duck Tape Plant Pot

Who needs boring old terracotta when you’ve got bright, cheerful and fun Duck Tape to perk up your pots?

You can stick Duck Tape in any colour and pattern on plain pottery plant pots or on plastic pots to make them into more of a focal point. Try a different technique such as ‘ruffling’ to get a pretty, feminine look to your pots.

All you need to do is to prep your tape strips before you begin sticking them on in rows around the circumference of your pot.

To prep the tape, simply fold down a third of the length so that it sticks to itself; this leaves you with a sticky section and a non-sticky section. The non-sticky section will be your ‘ruffle’.

Starting from the base of your pot…as you place the tape around the pot, simply add in a fold every few centimetres. Once you have done one row, start the next just above the last and continue all the way up the pot. The result will be a pot full of pretty ruffles just like a skirt.

These will look gorgeous on a windowsill or on your patio table.

Brighten up your tools


Why stop at plant pots when your garden is full of accessories to improve? Wrap your favourite Duck Tape around the handles of your fork, trowel and spade…you can even improve the look of your garden hose with Duck Tape and not only does it look great but it will also stop you getting splinters from older wooden handles!

Make plant markers

Use wooden dowels, lolly sticks or even twigs which you can collect yourself to create beautiful Duck Tape plant markers or seed markers.

All you need to do is wrap a couple of inches of Duck Tape around the tip of your chosen marker stick and with a marker pen, note the name of the plant or seeds you need to be noted.

These will last at least one season and quite possibly longer if you store them over winter.

Remember, Duck Tape isn’t just for indoor projects!

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