Duck Tape Fans

8th February 2017
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While the hot weather might not quite have reached us yet, it’s never too soon to be planning for those days when all you need is a long cool drink, a shady spot and a fan!

Duck Tape is the perfect medium for creating fans in a wide variety of shapes and colours and children will adore this project because it results in a practical tool they can actually use.

What you need

  • Stiff cardboard
  • Length of wooden dowel
  • Craft knife or very sharp scissors
  • Duck Tape in various colours and patterns
  • Templates
  • Pencil

Firstly, you will need to decide what shape you would like your fan to be. Help children to choose a clear, simple image to use as their fan. The simpler the silhouette the better the results.

Good shapes include the following and if you’re not much of an artist, find templates online.

  • Butterfly
  • Daisy
  • Fish
  • Star
  • Leaf
  • Cat face

Trace or draw your chosen shape onto the cardboard and cut it out. You should make the shape around 7”x7” for the most effective results but you don’t need to adhere strictly to these measurements…just remember that solid, roundish or squarish shapes work best.

Once your shape is cut out, you need to attach a length of wooden dowel to the back of it. Do this by trimming your dowel to the desired length…about 8” in this case.

Secure the dowel to the rear of the shape with plenty of Duck Tape. Now it’s time to cover the shape in tape!

Choosing simple shapes works well with Duck Tape because you can go crazy with your designs. Make a striped butterfly or a spotty cat! Layer tape on both sides of the cardboard shape so that it looks good both back and front and there you have it! An effective and attractive fan.

You can adapt this craft into a hand-held mask by cutting out two eye holes once the shape has been completely covered in Duck Tape. Perfect for a fancy dress party!

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