The latest craze from the USA is now available in the UK!

In fact it is taking the UK by storm, Kids, Crafters, Mums, DIYers – just cannot believe what it can do….

Check out our range of brightly coloured and patterned Duck Tapes and get creative.

We have a huge range of coloured, glittered, metallic, and themed duck tapes so you can find the perfect colour or pattern for your project. Duck Tapes are easy to use, totally mess-free, self-adhesive, and versatile. We have two main sizes: Duck Tape and Ducklings. Duck Tape is the wider option with a larger range of colours and characters, while Ducklings is half the width and perfect for your smaller projects and repairs.

If you need inspiration on what to do with your Duck Tape…..

…just take a look at our Ducktivities and find out how you can make bags, clothes, decorations, accessories, and even gifts out of tape! There are plenty of projects you can do with the whole family without making a mess. The only limit is your imagination.