No kid’s craft box should be complete without a cool selection of rolls of Duck Tape® Colours. Encourage your child’s creativity and allow their imagination to run wild.

Duck Tape® is easy to use, without the mess of crayons or paints. It is also safe, as Duck Tape® can be torn by hand, without the need for scissors.

There is no limit to what can be made from Duck Tape® which is one of the main reasons kids love to use it. Who knew that you could make clothes, (not only fun to make, but also cool to wear!) jewellery, games or flowers from Duck Tape? Not only that, one roll goes a long way!

PERSONALISE.. Everything from your school bag to your mobile phone or tablet case, in your own unique way.

EDUCATE … for example by using Duck Tape® to make different flags from around the world

DECORATEA mirror or a picture frame

HAVE SEASONAL FUN… Create unique Halloween Costumes or Christmas decorations

So, what will you make…?

Don’t forget to share your kid’s creations with us and your friends via our ‘Your Duck’ section of the website!

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