Animal Tablet Main Shot

Duck Tape Animal Tablet Covers are a great way to protect your electronic device while adding a bit of fun to its function.  This is an intermediate level project and takes a little longer to finish; Duck Tape Animal Covers can be completed in one hour.  You need just five materials to make one and they are loved by children and teens alike.  This is a great way to get your young ones to protect their tablets, which are often expensive and can scratch or break easily.

Our Duck Tape Animal Covers can be completed using whatever style, patterns, and colours of Duck Tape that fit your purpose.  They are attractive, functional and the perfect gift for your family and friends.  Try this project today!

Supplies and Tools
• Supplies and Tools:
• Duck Tape®
• Duck Tape Fabric Sheets (see Ducktivities to create a Duck Tape Fabric Sheet)
• 2 x 2″ long pieces of Elastic / Elastic bands
• Tablet

Animal Tablet Step 1

Step 1

Make 2 Duck Tape® fabric sheets, one 10 in. long and the other 8 in. long, using a colour / pattern of your choice.

Animal Tablet Step 2

Step 2

Cover the edges of the smaller fabric sheet with tape.

Animal Tablet Step 3

Step 3

Attach the 2 pieces of fabric sheet together to form your pocket.

Animal Tablet Step 4

Step 4

Cut out a new piece of fabric sheet that is 3.5 in. long and 4 in. wide. This is your phone pocket.

Animal Tablet Step 5

Step 5

Cut four x  1.5 in. strip of tapes and put aside with your two x  2 in. long pieces of elastic / elastic bands.

Animal Tablet Step 6

Step 6

Place a strip of tape on either side of your elastic band, with a little band showing in the middle. This is your headphone strap.

Animal Tablet Step 7

Step 7

Draw and cut out your eyes.

Animal Tablet Step 8

Step 8

Draw and cut out your nose.

Animal Tablet Step 9

Step 9

With your eyes from step 7 as a guide, cut out the outline for your eyes and tongue.

Animal Tablet Step 10

Step 10

Fold a sheet in half and cut out the shadows for your face so they are symmetrical.

Animal Tablet Step 11

Step 11

Cut out your animal face.

Animal Tablet Step 12

Step 12

Start assembling the animal face.

Animal Tablet Step 13

Step 13

Flip over the face and cover three fourths of the way up.

Animal Tablet Step 14

Step 14

Attach the face to the higher side of the pocket using a fabric sheet, making sure the sheet covers past the top of the ears. Trim off any excess.

Animal Tablet Step 15

Step 15

Take your phone pocket from step 4 and trim the top edge.

Animal Tablet Step 16

Step 16

Tape your headphone strap to your phone pocket and make a border around the other edges.

Animal Tablet Step 17

Step 17

Attach your phone pocket to your cover from step 14.