Ducktivities Duck Tape Bow

This is a great project for crafters of all ages.  We’ve seen our Duck Tape Bow Tie worn by adults, teens and children alike.  It can be created by a beginner’s level crafter and its approximate time of completion is just 20 minutes (one of the fastest Ducktivities we feature).  You will need five materials to make a Duck Tape Bow Tie and can use one or a couple of different styles of Duck Tape, depending on your design preferences.  In seven steps, your brand new Duck Tape Bow Tie will be complete!

Show off by wearing your finished bow tie at a casual event or dinner party.  We’ve even received photos of teenagers who wore them with formal attire!  Learn how to make the required Duck Tape Fabric Sheet here.  We’d love to see your finished results!


You will need:

  • Duck Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Self-adhesive hook and loop fastener
  • Crafting Board

Ducktivities Bow Tie

Step 1

Make a double sided strip of Duck Tape® that is 2-4 in. longer than the circumference of your neck.

Ducktivities Duck Tape Bow Tie

Step 2

For the bow, make a double sided piece of Duck Tape® fabric that is 2 strips wide. The length depends on how big you want your bow to be.

Ducktivities Duck Tape Bow

Step 3

Take the fabric from step 2 and form it into a loop. Tape the 2 ends together.

Bow tie Duck Tape

Step 4

Pinch the middle of your loop and secure it with a strip of Duck Tape® to make your bow.

Ducktivities Duck Tape Bow close up

Step 5

Attach one end of your strip from step 1 to the back of the bow.

Ducktivities Duck Tape Bow belt

Step 6

Add a hook and loop fastener to the other end and to the back of your bow so you can take your bow tie on and off.

Ducktivities Duck Tape Bow blue

Step 7

You can repeat the steps for the bow to make a matching hair clip, too!