Checkered Bowling Game

You will need:
Duck Tape®
6 x empty toilet paper roll
Crafting board

Bowling Game Step Out 1

Step 1

Cover a toilet paper roll with Duck Tape®.

Bowling Game Step Out 2

Step 2

Add a strip of red tape to the top.

bowling-game-step 3

Step 3

Repeat steps 1-2 so you have 6 covered rolls.

Bowling Game Step Out 4

Step 4

Cut out numbers 1-3 from a Duck Tape® Fabric Sheet (See separate Ducktivity for how to make a Duck Tape Fabric Sheet.) You will need one #1, two #2 and three #3. This is optional if you want to add a point system to your game.

bowling-game-step 5

Step 5

Stick your numbers to the front of the rolls from step 3.

Bowling Game Step Out 6

Step 6

Make a ball out of tape. Continue covering your ball until the bowling ball is the size you want.

Bowling Game Step Out Final

Step 7

Get started!