Need a place to keep your credit cards safe and organised?  You will absolutely love our Duck Tape Credit Card Wallet Ducktivity.  Any beginner level crafter can create one. You need only 3 materials to make the wallet and the project takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

One of the steps involves creating a DuckTape Fabric Sheet which can be explained by clicking on this link or scrolling through our Ducktivities page.  There are seven steps involved in making a Duck Tape Credit Card Wallet.  It works well if you choose two different styles or designs of Duck Tape.  Featured here is our Jet Black Duck Tape and our Metalika Duck Tape.  Your own Duck Tape Credit Card Wallet should be whichever colours you feel define you, or match your additional Duck Tape Accessories.

Let us know whether you’ve enjoyed this project and definitely send us some photographs so that can upload them to our Your Duck page.

You will need:
• Duck Tape®
• Scissors
• Crafting board

Step 1

Make a Duck Tape® fabric sheet (see separate Ducktivity for how to make a Duck Tape Fabric Sheet.)

Step 2

Fold up your fabric sheet and tape the sides to form your pocket.

Step 3

Make a smaller fabric sheet that is about 2 in. wide and 3 in. long. Make 6 of these.

Step 4

Make 2 smaller fabric sheets that are the same size as the ones above. Cut out a triangle from the top of each one.

Step 5

Add your cut outs from step 4 to 2 of the fabric sheets from step 3. Add a strip of Duck Tape® to the top of the other 4 pieces of fabric sheet.

Step 6

Attach each fabric sheet to the inside of your wallet, with the pockets on the bottom.

Step 7

Add a strip of tape to the bottom of each pocket.