The Duck Tape Glow in the Dark Pumpkin is a perfect autumn or Halloween project for you to experiment with. This is a beginner’s level crafting project and it can be completed using five materials in 10 simple steps. Use three different colours and patterns of Duck Tape to make the pumpkin, and don’t forget to select from one of our glow in the dark duck tapes such as our Halloween Themed Duck Tapes that have a variety of spooky, yet friendly themes.

This craft project takes approximately one hour to complete and is well worth the effort. The finished result is festive, attractive, and easy to find when you turn out the lights. Give our Duck Tape Glow in the Dark Pumpkin craft a try today and let us know how the project turned out!


You will need:
• Duck Tape®
• Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Duck Tape®
• Scissors
• Poster board
• Crafting board

Step 1

Draw and cut out your pumpkin. If you need a template, fold a sheet of paper in half and draw a half circle along the crease.

Step 2

Cover both sides of your pumpkin from step 1.  Repeat steps 1-2 so you have at least 4

Step 3

Cut a small slit at the top of one of your pumpkins. For the other 3, cut a slit at the bottom about half way up. This is so you can slide your pumpkin pieces together.

Step 4

Draw and cut out the top of your pumpkin on some thick card. If you need a template, fold your sheet of paper into quarters and cut out a heart shape in the corner of the paper.

Step 5

Cover the piece from step 4 in Duck Tape®.

Step 6

Draw and cut out a circle from your thick card. Cover it with Duck Tape®.

Step 7

Assemble your pumpkin. Gather the 3 pumpkins with slits on the bottom and slide them on the piece with the slit at the top. Fan out your pumpkin.

Step 8

Using small pieces of tape, tape the top and bottom pieces onto the clover and round piece you made in step 5 and 6. The clover has 8 round points, each to match the 8 sides of the pumpkin.

Step 9

For the stem, roll and twist small pieces of tape into a cone shape, leaving the bottom
of the cone open and sticky.

Step 10

Attach the stem to the top of your clover.