Duck Tape Hair Bow

You will need:
Duck Tape
Cutting Board

Coin – to use as a stencil

Duck Tape Hair Bow

Step 1

Make a double sided Duck Tape® strip that is approximately 11 inches long by cutting two strips of Duck Tape® and sticking them sticky side to sticky side. This will create a sheet for your hair bow.

Duck Tape Hair Bow

Step 2

Decorate your Duck Tape® strip with stripes, polka dots or a design of your choice. For polka dots, use a pen to draw around a coin on a strip of Duck Tape® and then cut out into circles.

Duck Tape Hair Bow

Step 3

Duck Tape Hair BowFold your piece of Duck Tape® in half lengthwise (creating a crease), reopen it, and then bring both edges of the strip to the crease in the middle. Where the ends of the strip meet, pinch it together with your fingers. Cut a two-three inch strip of Duck Tape®, then cut it in half lengthwise and wrap it around the middle.

Attach your bow to a hair clip or hair band to accessorize any outfit.