Duck Tape Handbag

You will need:

  • Duck Tape
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Board


  • Stickers to decorate

Duck Tape Handbag

Step 1

Make a sheet of Duck Tape® that is approximately 14 inches long and 5 inches wide. To make your sheet, lay a strip of Duck Tape® sticky side up on a flat surface. Lay the next strip parallel to the first, slightly overlapping the edge. Continue until you have four strips wide. Then, place additional strips sticky side down over the existing sheet to finish your sheet.

Duck Tape Handbag

Step 2

Duck Tape Handbag

Trim excess tape to create a rectangle.

Duck Tape Handbag

Step 3

Create the strap: Cut one strip of Duck Tape® slightly longer than the desired length for the strap and place it on your flat surface, sticky side up.

Step 4

Cut another strip of Duck Tape® the same length and place it stick side down on top of the first piece of tape. Make sure you leave about half of the sticky side of the tape exposed on each pieces.

Duck Tape Handbag

Step 5

Fold over the exposed sticky sides of tape creating a sturdy strap for your purse.

Duck Tape Handbag

Step 6


Attach the strap to the bag with two 2 inch pieces of Duck Tape®, securing the strap to the inside of the bag.

Duck Tape Handbag

Step 7

Decorate your bag – use different colours and patters of Duck Tape®