Duck Tape Necklace

You Will Need:

Coloured (green and white or colour of your choice)

Duck Tape

Craft knife


Round drinking straws

Cutting board


Elastic string

Cutting board

Duck Tape Necklace

Step 1

Cut an 8 in. strip of Duck Tape® using your craft knife.

Duck Tape Necklace

Step 2

Using the 8 in. strip, cut 6-8 long triangles with your craft knife and ruler. The large end should be about a half an inch wide. Repeat steps 1-2 to create the rest of your beads.

Duck Tape Necklace

Step 3

Attach the large end of the strip to the base of your straw. Slowly roll the strip of tape over the straw, keeping the strip centred when rolling. These are your beads.

Duck Tape Necklace

Step 4

. Cut them off one at a time, keeping your scissors up against the edge of the bead so none of the straw shows through.

Duck Tape Necklace

Step 5

Cut the elastic string to fit your neck. At one end, attach a small piece of Duck Tape® . This will stop the beads from falling off your string.

Duck Tape Necklace

Step 6

. String your beads from the open end until you have completed your necklace. Tie the ends together.

Step 7

Add a pendant of your choice to personalise your necklace. We have created a shamrock design here using dark and light green Duck Tape® over cardboard cut into the shape of a shamrock.