There are so many features that make this Duck Tape project worthwhile.  Our string handled beach bag is water resistant, durable and can be customised to match any personality or style sense.  The string handle can be any colour you choose, and will securely help you to tote your belongings. Plus, you don’t need to only carry this bag on beach trips. Use it as a summer bag and take it with you anywhere. Have you finished your Duck Tape String Handled Beach Bag?  Send us a photo of your newest creation!

You will need:
Duck Tape®
String or rope
Crafting board

Step 1

Make a Duck Tape® fabric sheet twice the size you want your bag to be. (See separate Ducktivity for how to make a Duck Tape® fabric sheet.)

Step 2

Take your rope and place it at one end of your fabric sheet. Fold the end over the rope and secure it down to make a tunnel for your rope.

Step 3

Repeat this for the other end of your bag. Flip it inside out and secure the sides of your bag with strips of tape.

Step 4

For an embellishment, trace an anchor onto a Duck Tape® fabric sheet, and cut out.


Step 5

Stick your anchor shape onto the front of your bag.