Are you an animal lover? Perhaps you’re just going through an animal print phase. Either way, we’ve got a range of Animal Themed Ducklings Tape that will delight and inspire you. The Ducklings size makes it perfect for smaller projects or crafts that require a more narrow strip of tape. Our Cool Cheetah Print Ducklings Duck Tape offers a pattern of cheetah print hues that change as you unravel it to segments of green, purple, blue and pink. Perhaps you are interested in dogs and would like to give our Dog With A Bone Ducklings Tape a try. Cats ‘N’ Paws Ducklings Duck Tape is perfect for cat lovers, offering both cat faces and cat prints on a pale green roll. For a colourful splash of leopard print, experiment with our Blue Leopard Ducklings Duck Tape. Regardless of which version you try, you are certain to love our Animal Themed Ducklings Tape!